Frequently Asked Questions

What is your season?

We are open year round.  We do close the office for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.  The park itself is open each and every day of the year.

What is your check-in/check-out time?

12:00pm (noon) is check-in and check-out.  Late check-outs can be arranged for $3.00 per hour, provided someone is not scheduled into that site.  Check with office on the morning of departure to verify if space will be available.

Cabin check-in is 2:00pm.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in the park.  They are not allowed in any building or cabins, the fishing lake, or swimming pool.  Failure to follow the parks’ pet policy, or pick up after your pet, will result in your pet being asked to leave the park.

Do you have cable TV?

No, we do not have cable television.  You can use your regular antenna to receive local channels from St. Louis, or you can request a site away from the trees and you can bring your satellite dish.  We do have movies for rent at the General Store.

Do you have wireless internet, and is it free?

We do have wireless internet available throughout the park.  We have contracted with Tengo Internet to provide secure, reliable access to the internet, so there is a small fee associated with gaining access.  This is all done online at your convenience.

Is there a BBQ grill or fire ring at the site?

We do have fire rings at the sites for you to enjoy a campfire.  We are not able to provide BBQ grills, or grates for the fire rings.  You must provide those yourself.

Do you sell firewood, or can we bring our own?

We do sell firewood in the park.  If you are not traveling across state lines, you may bring your own firewood.  Due to recent state laws concerning the Ash Bore Beetle, most states now prohibit the transfer of firewood across state lines.

Do you have hiking or biking trails nearby?

You can walk or bike the roads of the park.  Our roads are hard-packed gravel surface.  We also are near the Katy Trail, just outside of Washington, MO. (About 15 minute drive.)

Are the cabins air-conditioned?

All of our cabins are air-conditioned.  We also have some with heat.

Do your cabins have restrooms?

All of our cabins have at least a toilet and sink.  Most of them have a shower.  The park does have 2 bathhouses within walking distance, as well.

How many people fit in the cabins?

We have several different size cabins to fit the number in your party.  Our restrictions on number of people per cabin is according to fire code, and must be followed.

Which cabins have kitchens available?

Our Deluxe Cabin, Bunk House, and Doublewide Mobile Home all have full size kitchens in them.

How many people are allowed per campsite?

Rate includes 2 adults and 2 children. One campsite per household family.

How many tents can we have per site?

You may have two tents per site, if they are for the same household family.

Is swimming allowed in the lake?

No, the lake is strictly for fishing.

Are boats allowed in the lake?

No, boats are not permitted to be in the lake.

Is there floating available at the park?

We do not have float trips that come out of the park, however Old Cove Canoe is close and does them.

How old do you have to be to camp at Pin Oak Creek RV Park?

If you have to ask the question, you’re not old enough.

What are the office / store hours?

Hour vary upon the season.

What type of discounts do you offer?

In order to give a discount, the rates generally go up.  Instead of raising rates, we do not give discounts of any kind.

How many vehicles are allowed per site?

We allow one RV, or tent(s), and one vehicle per site.  Secondary vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking area.

Is there a Walmart close by?

Yes, there is also a Target, Schucks, and many other fine establishments nearby.  The office staff will be happy to provide directions to the nearest facility.

What's the difference between Standard and Premium RV Sites?

Aside from enjoying the same benefits as the Full Hookup sites, these sites have either a great view of the lake, or have a bigger area to enjoy.

Are linens provided for the Cabins?

No, we do not provide towels, linens, blankets, pillows, or personal items.  Toilet paper is provided, but no other personal items.

Can we add a tent to our RV site?

You may have a tent alongside your RV if you’re renting a Premium Site.  Small fee applies.

Are golf carts allowed?

Yes. Drivers must be licensed, proof of insurance must be shown at check-in. All lights must be in working order if driving at night time. No loud or obnoxious sounding gas engines allowed.

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